Five Health M.L.Ms

Following years research I joined 5 health businesses,we create a link to the company website so need none ourselves,combining various products will benefit most illness in some way,                1.Vitamist 
Vitamist has A Unique product range,so light postage is minimal,spray vitamins +herbs absorbed mostly in the mouth saving dilution in the stomach,Just five squirts around the tongue/no swallowing for a minute or so, if you order about $70 they give one more free making it about $11/month each,Distributors can give one to prospects for paying $6 or so postage,many people lack *B12., 6/7 sprays in the mouth without swallowing a minute absorbed 90% better than tablets,50% over injections,
2. Joy to Live,Brilliant
2 medicinal mushroom+2 potent antioxidants in organic coffee,various capsules,colloidal silver to kill bacteria even parasites,internally+externally & a skin serum,

3. Brain Abundance 15 ingredients,a BREAKTHROUGH product,These two use the most potent antioxidant available,Astaxanthin 33% more powerful than Pycnogenol from Maritime pine-bark 
4. Stemtech 5.products for people,one horses based on the latest research,,capsules with berry extracts & a powder with over 30 antioxidants+ telomerase from umbilical chords to aid longevity,
5.Regeneration* top products the biggest range,heavy overseas but fine in USA & Canada 
Far Infrared Clothing - 24/7 Regeneration & Fast Healing‎                                                                                                                               Now up to 70% off -‎
I grow basil,sage,oregano,lemon balm rosemary,mint,steep a few minutes,add stock powder for a top savory drink,lemon grass+camellia,& others at times add honey for a sweet one, advised numerous folk on overcoming addictions on a low GI diet as for diabetes,vitamin B complex 2/3 times daily to relax the nerves & orange flavored C to suck not chew whenever the craving came,one had been in hospital a few times with lung trouble but was so stressed without his wife bought some saying to puff a few for her sake,in under a week he was never tempted again even when the dad was on dying a son jailed for burglary,top cancer treatments are ascorbic acid, enemas stimulate the liver to excrete toxins(search mum's not having chemo),infrared saunas excrete far more toxins than normal ones,the clothing conserves energy good in all conditions,Ozone generators & Ionizers mostly used at night purify the air oxygenate the blood with great benefit,both are reasonably priced,as most illness is caused in part by excess acid in the body,Ionizers for water deserve special mention changing the structure & making it Alkaline MAGNETS also small round a metal container a few hours,or sit a plastic bottle on larger ones,both poles are good best north & south alternately,